Language is a doorway…

Language is a doorway…

Check out one of the following exciting programs!

  • Visit our store to buy an RLP T-shirt or Storybook telling the life story of a local refugee.
  • Join us at our weekly Community Table, where we enjoy a potluck dinner and build community with our refugee friends.
  • Email John to attend our Refugee 101 class.
  • Serve as a teacher during one of our daily English classes.
  • Visit us at the PLACE, our refugee-focused multicultural community center.
  • Book our Translation Services to meet an upcoming translation need.


Learn more about how these programs get us to our vision of the flourishing of refugee communities.


Refugee Language Project uses language as a doorway to welcome displaced people for the flourishing of the community and the glory of God. Our mission is to extend the welcome of Jesus through programs that overcome language barriers and honor cultural diversity. RLP is a faith-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Amarillo, Texas. Launched in 2017, we became a standalone organization in 2020. We are funded primarily by monthly recurring donations, alongside generous one-time gifts and strategic grants. Learn more about our team here.

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head on out to Amarillo Chin Christian Church and experience Chin National Day! Chin people hail from Myanmar (Burma) and this vibrant and strong community in Amarillo celebrates each year in style. They have ethnic food, a Chin fashion show, music, bamboo dancing and a traditional wrestling tournament. It`s a great way to experience the diversity in our city and get to know your neighbors! Festivities start at noon. 1507 N. Cleveland ...

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Dr. Salad Dualle and Samuel Uwimana finished their last day at the health department as contract interpreters for RLP. They served their communities well during the last few years and it was a bittersweet day as they move on to new things. If you see either of these gentlemen around town tell them thank you! ...

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February 2024 - Language Connections - A book dedication in Louisville, KY, in a previously unwritten language. Read this month`s newsletter to see how language continues to be a doorway to help communities of displaced people flourish. Link in bio. ...

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Wednesday prayer is today! Come and pray with us at 12:30 in the RLP conference room. Stay for 10 minutes or the whole hour.

3107 Plains Blvd, Suite 200

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Wednesday prayer is today! Come and pray with us at 12:30 in the RLP conference room. Stay for 10 minutes or the whole hour.

3107 Plains Blvd, Suite 200

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Did you know that RLP came to fruition not as a result of grand plans, but was actually built on the "soil of their sad ruins"? This poem reminded me of that truth today. Our plans were as far from Amarillo as possible, but it wasn`t until those crumbled that something new began to form, something that could only grow out of the decomposition of all that came before. We give thanks today for our folly and God`s favor.

Paying Attention
by @andrewpetersonmusic

Pay attention to the little things.
Pay attention to the big things too,
Because both are easy enough to miss,
And are one and the same more often than not.

Pay attention to the eerie silence
When the air conditioner cycles off
And the only sound is the creak of the house.
Pay attention to the clank and rumble

Of the freight train as it wobbles by.
Pay attention to birds—the ones that tweet,
The ones that honk, and the ones
That lie dead in the road. Notice them.

Notice the level of the creek before the rain
And after. Remember that the water
Rushing around your ankles was a cloud
Not so long ago, a cloud that began

Somewhere in Alaska, perhaps, and before that,
A dark, frigid, and silent subterranean sea.
Then notice the minnows pecking at your toes.
Pay attention to the turns your life has taken

To bring you to the place you now stand.
Most blessings sprout not from the plans
We make, but from the soil of their sad ruin.
Watch their slow, unstoppable unraveling,

Their disassembly, the final shudder, and
Their collapse, and the dustcloud that follows.
Pay attention then to the way your heart
Breathes a sigh of relief when the work

That was never yours anyway is lifted
From your tired hands. Pay attention,
When you clean up the mess, to the treasure
That the wreck unearthed, and give thanks

For your folly and God’s favor.

Link to poem in bio.

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Wednesday prayer is today! Come and pray with us at 12:30 in the RLP conference room. Stay for 10 minutes or the whole hour.

3107 Plains Blvd, Suite 200

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Sign up for the next Refugee 101 to take the next step. Email to save your spot! January 30th at 6 PM at The PLACE. ...

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Did you read our recent newsletter story about Mohammad, one of our contract interpreters who has also been working on the translation of our upcoming storybook, Hawa`s Lament? Check it out at ...

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January 2024 - A world you want to live in :: It`s a new year! If you missed our end of year print newsletter, you can find the link to read it inside! Also check out all that`s on tap for January. Link in bio. ...

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Did you get our print newsletter in the mail last week? If not, head to the link in bio to read our December 2023 update! Happy New Year! ...

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December 2023 - Open House Tonight! - Join us tonight for a come-and-go style Open House and guided prayer time through our new building from 5-7 PM (yes, there will be snacks and drinks)! Check out this month`s e-newsletter for our final Panhandle Gives total, advent prayer sign ups, and a final call for mailing addresses before our end of year print newsletter hits your mailbox. Link in bio. ...

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Please come tour our new space and join us for a guided prayer time through the building. It`s a come and go event, so drop in on your way home from work or after you eat dinner! 3107 Plains Blvd, Suite 200 (a few doors down from The PLACE). Drinks and light snacks provided. We genuinely hope to see you there! ...

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Thank you for giving!! We are at 86% of our $30,000 goal!!! Here`s a quick message from our executive director, Dr. Ryan Pennington. There`s still time to give through midnight tonight! Donate at the link in bio. ...

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Today is the FINAL day of #ThePanhandleGives2023 !! If you`ve been putting off donating to your favorite non-profits, now is the time. You can give online and mark it off your list, or write a check and get it to @@amarillonationalbank @firstbanksouthwest or @happystatebanktx by the end of business day today. Send me a DM if you want me to pick up a check and take it to the bank for you! We are hoping to reach our goal of $30,000, but we need YOUR help! Thanks to everyone who has so generously given. Donate to RLP at the link in bio. ...

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You ate your turkey, watched football, took a nap, shopped...Wait! Did you give?! There are only 2 days left in our largest fundraiser of the year, so now is the time! You can give safely and securely at the link in our bio.
Every dollar you give for RLP comes to our organization through this fantastic campaign. Huge shoutout to the @amarilloarea for supporting area non-profits!#ThePanhandleGives2023

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