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Why the Refugee Language Project?

Why does Amarillo need the Refugee Language Project? This article answers that question. Some were blind, or couldn’t read, or had never grasped the language. When they got too old to work, they became dependent on relatives or fellow immigrants. No one wanted that fate. Learning English, as Elia knew, was not just a key…

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From One Language Project to Another

What I know for certain is that I will not end up on my deathbed regretting how I spent my time. I want my children to witness a life that is full of purposeful action, balanced with purposeful inaction. They’ll know that I am far more afraid of apathetic idleness than I am of failure.…

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Refugees Learning English: Obstacles

One of the greatest needs in Amarillo is for refugees to learn English. We know it, and they know it too. In Amarillo, members of our community often complain about the poor English abilities of local refugees. Just talk with a nurse or a teacher, many of whom regularly call translation services for the simplest of communicative…

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