Removing language barriers,
building leaders, and
cultivating community.

Removing language barriers,
building leaders, and
cultivating community.

Check out one of the following exciting programs!

  • Join us at our weekly Community Table, where we enjoy a potluck dinner and build community with our refugee friends;
  • Help a refugee meet their goals through our Mentorship program;
  • Buy a book from our exciting Storybook Project, which honors refugees by collecting their life stories and publishing them as bilingual storybooks;
  • Serve as a teacher during one of our daily English classes;
  • Visit us at the PLACE, our refugee-focused multicultural community center; or
  • Book our Translation Services to meet an upcoming translation need.


Learn more about how these programs get us to our vision of the flourishing of refugee communities.

Refugee Language Project exists to ensure that individuals from refugee communities in the Amarillo area are increasingly flourishing as they confidently interact with the world around them, enabling them to honor God with their lives. RLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Amarillo, Texas. Launched in 2017, we became a standalone organization in 2020. We are funded primarily by monthly recurring donations, alongside generous one-time gifts and strategic grants. Learn more about our team here.


Understand the broader context from our 2021 Amarillo Refugee State of the Union.

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Mimesis :: the imitation of real life in art and literature.
Grant us eyes to see and hearts to make room.

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#weekendlisten Here's a recommended listen if you want to hear a fantastic interview on the NPR Podcast “Rough Translation.” It's the story of two Americans in Afghanistan tasked with the job of trying to communicate in a way that Afghans would trust and believe. Themes of the important relationship between language and culture and building trusting relationships are highlighted in this 47 minute listen. You can listen by clicking the link in our bio. ...

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“Everyone’s homeland is Kashmir to them.”

Are you familiar with Kashmir? It is located between India and Pakistan and is considered by some to be the most beautiful place on the planet. You can see why if you look it up online. It is a beautiful region. This proverb, known to many of our Afghan friends, is a reminder that regardless of the devastation or pain that caused them to flee, refugees have a deep affection for their homeland. It is the best and most beautiful place in their mind. You can tell when they talk about the sights, sounds, tastes and people they miss. It is a part of them that cannot be discarded, no matter how successful they become in America. It is our hope and goal at RLP to protect this piece of our friends’ identities, to affirm the value of their homeland, language and culture. Rooted in this identity, people can flourish wherever they are planted.

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#tbt It doesn't seem like that long ago that our ESL class was a small group of women meeting in an apartment clubhouse. Now we have an average of 15 or more students twice a week at The PLACE! So much growth to celebrate. ...

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E-newsletters were sent out today! Be sure to read it now so you can have the latest on information about Table Talk changes, a women's birth class (happening tomorrow!!) and more. Link to read is in our bio! ...

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The final numbers are in and we couldn't be more thrilled! Thanks to everyone who gave last month during The Panhandle Gives campaign. We got our final amounts deposited last week. Our goal was $40,000 and we raised $35,550 during the campaign which was then amplified, resulting in a total amount of $39,153.13!!

We are ending 2022 on a note of gratitude as we reflect on all that has transpired in the last 12 months. Thank you for giving generously and supporting the flourishing of refugees in Amarillo.

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A Time to Celebrate :: Read the final newsletter of 2022 and celebrate with us for all that has transpired over the past 12 months! Link in bio. ...

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Art prints for sale!! These would make lovely Christmas gifts. 5x7 prints are $10 and 6x9 prints are $15. Send me a message or come by the PLACE to purchase. ...

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Karen night was so special! Did you go? Did you hear Unity and Naw Peh read their stories publicly for the first time? It left us all in tears. To everyone who has given to support the storybook project, thank you. This is powerful and important work, and these communities deserve to be heard in meaningful ways. ...

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December is a busy time of year, so here's one less thing on the calendar for you! Table Talk is finished for 2022, so no meeting tonight. We are thinking and praying about what things will look like in the new year, so stay tuned. ...

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Monday night join us at the @discoverycenter for Karen night! This free event is open to everyone. There will be food, select readings from the two Karen storybooks we published this year, and of course a chance to check out the fabulous Discovery Center exhibit focused on Karen culture. Bring your family and friends and celebrate with us!! Storybooks and art prints will be for sale!! ...

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Catch a story on @newschannel10 tonight about @theplaceamarillo! We're stoked to be approaching the one year anniversary of opening with our friends @squaremilecommunity and @wefindinlove. It's been a wild ride - thanks to all of you who have been on it with us. 🤘 ...

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WOW!! Panhandle, you sure know how to show some love! We are in awe of these good gifts and the support this community continues to crank out for RLP. Thank you to everyone who gave, shared, and cheered us on!! We will announce our amplification funds total as soon as we know those. #thepanhandlegives ...

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Today is the final day of The Panhandle Gives. We are BLOWN away by the support and generosity in this community, and are so thankful for all who decided to donate. If you haven't given yet, there's still time! It's quick and easy online, and 100% of your donation goes to the non-profit you choose. Help us to finish strong! Click the link in our bio to give. ...

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