The Panhandle Gives

From November 23–December 1, all donations made to us through The Panhandle Gives website will receive a percentage match from their Amplification Fund.

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A Congolese Funeral

They are saying that death will not stop us. Every tear will be wiped away. This pain will not last. We are people of God. We do not mourn forever. Today is a day to praise God!

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PNG Lesson 2: The Lie of Travel

Saut Village

Learn to recognize that just because you have access to someone, does not mean you have made the whole trip into their world. It takes much longer to arrive at a culture than a place.

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PNG Lesson 1: Hiding My Privilege

Packing for Saut

Don’t hide your privilege! Strategize its usefulness! Honestly recognize what you’ve been blessed with so you can be open-handed as an agent for God-honoring change in a broken world.

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From Recipient to Giver

One example of the impact of our relational approach is Samuel. This is the best story, so read it all! He came as a Congolese refugee in 2018. He was young, fatherless, untested in our cut-throat Western world, and his résumé was empty. Yet Samuel was full of ambition and hope! We connected Samuel and two other young Congolese…

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Note from Ryan

Hey everyone! I want to give you an important update about our financial situation, and then share some thoughts from my heart. Since launching this project in 2017, we have relied on Redeemer Christian Church to process all of our donations. Basically, Redeemer incubated our small nonprofit so that we could focus our energy on…

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PNG Lessons: Introduction

Daughter Looking Over Village

Now, over four years later, I believe the time has come for me to be more open about the lessons I’ve learned and experiences I’ve lived.

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Refugee Leader Interviews

Our Panhandle Refugee Celebration was an incredible success! It aired on Panhandle PBS, as well as on Facebook Live. By our count, this video has been viewed over 11,000 times on Facebook alone! You can see the full-length video special by clicking the button below: The highlight of the celebration was four interviews with refugee leaders.…

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