Table Talk

The refugees who call Amarillo home have overcome incredible adversity in their home countries. Yet after surviving war, famine, and persecution, many of these men and women now find themselves alone in our neighborhoods. Each person has their own story to tell—harrowing, excruciating, victorious, and dramatic tales. But who will listen?

On Thursday nights at 6 PM throughout the school year, we will gather with refugee communities to hear their stories and celebrate their cultures. Each week focuses on a different community and culture. Come with your family to learn about their cultures, try their foods, help them practice English, and make new friends! Importantly, this year's focus is on the development of story books. You'll have the opportunity to hear their stories and provide feedback so that the final printed versions will be incredible. Come and be a part of something huge!

1. Learn & Eat

We begin by eating a potluck meal together while we learn about a particular refugee culture. Each week, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy the cuisine of a particular refugee community!

2. Kids' Program

Next, school-age children go to a classroom for a program so the adults can focus.

3. Refugee Stories

We will tell a refugee story and edit it as a large group. What didn't you understand? What do you wish you heard more about?

4. Small group stories

Finally, we will break up into small groups to hear more stories and offer edits for those, so our team can improve them before illustrating and printing!


The Table Talk program has been on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are resuming in September 2021. Send us an email to be put on a list to be notified when it resumes.

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