Table Talk

The refugees who call Amarillo home have overcome incredible adversity in their home countries. Yet after surviving war, famine, and persecution, many of these men and women now find themselves alone in our neighborhoods. Each person has their own story to tell—harrowing, excruciating, victorious, and dramatic tales. But who will listen?

Table Talk is an opportunity for adults to practice speaking English over a meal. It is a supplement to the English classes that many refugees already attend, because people don't learn languages by attending once-a-week classes! They need many informal chances to practice with a variety of real people. Also, many can't attend the classes that are offered due to their demanding shift-work positions in local meatpacking plants.

This program allows interested residents throughout Amarillo to strike up friendly conversations with our new neighbors. We'll take care of the food and topics of conversation. You just show up and be an immense blessing to a refugee family! This is an amazing opportunity to involve your children in service as well!

1. Shared Meal

We begin by eating a meal together! Q&A cards are lying around to help you strike up conversations.

2. Kids' Program

Next, school-age children go to a classroom for a program so the adults can focus.

3. Short English Lesson

We offer a short English lesson to equip adults to talk about themselves and their cultures.

4. Informal Conversation

Finally, we just talk with each other. We provide additional Q&A cards and small white boards.


The Table Talk program is on pause during the COVID-19 pandemic. Send us an email to be put on a list to be notified when it resumes.

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