The refugees who call Amarillo home have overcome incredible adversity in their home countries. Yet after surviving war, famine, and persecution, many of these men and women now find themselves alone in our neighborhoods. Each person has their own story to tell—harrowing, excruciating, victorious, and dramatic tales. But who will listen?

Moreover, even though many English language learners attend English classes weekly, they few opportunities to practice speaking in an informal environment. Just because you understand the grammar, doesn't mean you're confident enough to speak to an actual person. These are the problems that Table Talk seeks to address.

Each Tuesday evening we host Table Talk at our multicultural community center, the PLACE. We host an informal potluck dinner beginning at 6 PM, where we eat together and practice conversation. Afterward, we provide childcare for children in order to continue our conversation, or to offer a short English lesson. We aim to conclude around 7:30 PM. Anyone is welcome, and no commitment is necessary.

Email us to find out more.

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