Removing language barriers,
building leaders, and
cultivating community.


RLP exists to ensure that…

Individuals from refugee communities in the Amarillo area
are increasingly flourishing as they confidently interact with the world around them,
enabling them to honor God with their lives.


We accomplish this vision by…

(1) removing the language barriers refugees face,
(2) honoring their cultures,
(3) overcoming obstacles to build leaders,
(4) facilitating systemic solutions for long-term issues, and
(5) engaging with local churches.

The Full Picture

Our mission—what we actually do—is steered by the world we want to live in. The Vision statement describes that world we hope to see—an Amarillo where refugee communities are thriving. In order to reach that vision, we have identified 5 strategic mission objectives, which you can see displayed in purple in the chart below. You will also see the specific projects and short-term goals on the righthand side that feed into each mission objective.

We believe that as we are increasingly successful with our short-term goals, we will be increasingly likely to meet our mission objectives. If all 5 mission objectives are met, then we are likely to see our long-term vision come to fruition. Pray with us that God will equip us to see this vision become a reality!

RLP Vision--2023 Update--Full Diagram for web
RLP Vision--2023 Update--Simple Diagram for web

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