English Class

English classes operate morning and evening every day in various locations across Amarillo—including Amarillo College, the library, and numerous churches.

We are always on the lookout for underserved populations who cannot or will not attend these other programs. The following opportunities are available in the Spring 2020 semester. If none of these options fit your schedule, then we'll happily connect you with one of our local ministry partners. Email us to discuss it.

Face to Face

Our biggest impact is through 1-on-1 mentorships. We connect you with someone who wants to practice their English, prepare for a citizenship exam, or something else.

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Literacy for Somali Women

Every Thursday night we offer a literacy class for Somali women. We begin as a large group before dividing and working in 1-on-1. No teaching experience is required or expected. Commitment is required for the semester.

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Table Talk

We offer regular informal opportunities for refugees to come and practice speaking English. We often provide food and conversation prompts. Just show up and be an immense blessing to a refugee!

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