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Refugee Network Amarillo March 2024

Amarillo's refugees

A diverse city

Hundreds of forcibly displaced people find their way to Amarillo each year. Learn more about which nationalities, ethnic groups and languages are represented in Amarillo.

Community Trainings

How can we equip your group?

Would you like us to come and share with your group or team? We'd love a chance to teach you about Amarillo's refugee network, or about navigating the cultural diversity of our region.

Every other month

This is our foundations class, meant to equip especially the Church to welcome refugees. Learn about Amarillo's refugees, understand our faith foundations, and hear about opportunities to connect with our work.

Let us know you're interested on the volunteer page.

Storybook Project

Life stories from Myanmar, Afghanistan & Congo

Build empathy in your family, your classroom, or your community group. We collect the life stories of Amarillo's refugees and publish them as beautifully-illustrated storybooks. Learn more and buy one for yourself to help us fund the next book!

YouTube videos

Interviews, lessons, and special events

Once in awhile we throw interesting content onto our YouTube channel, including interviews with refugees. Subscribe to our channel to be notified when we post a new video.

Refugee State of the Union

Webinar describing our early research

Though outdated, this 2021 webinar tells the story of Refugee Language Project's early days of research among different refugee communities and refugee-serving non-profits, culminating in a series of recommendations for local partners.


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