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Equipping young people

…to harness their language knowledge

Our Language Internship program equips young people to harness their language knowledge to better serve their communities. Through a Wednesday morning class, real-world interpreting experience, and a practical service track, they connect their native language ability with real impact in this city and become qualified Community Interpreters. This paid internship requires 5–15 hours per week, depending on the chosen Track, from August through December.


Community Interpreter Qualification

Wednesdays @ 9 AM

Become a qualified Community Interpreter! Certification requires attendance at a Wednesday morning class, interpreting appointments under observation, a translation assignment, a language presentation, and weekly participation in a practical service track (ESL and/or Linguistics).

Serving Your Community

Young immigrants are constantly asked to interpret and translate for their communities, but how many of them know how to do it well? Our practical internship will help you acquire the necessary tools to serve as a qualified Community Interpreter. Not only that, but you'll get the opportunity to carry out an Impact Project to address a specific need of your community!

Spanish breakout group

Linguistics Track

Mon/Wed @ 11 AM

Our Linguistics Track provides interns with an in-depth opportunity to study their own languages and consider how to help community members to value and preserve their language heritage for future generations. Sessions will focus on examples of language loss, as well as positive examples of language preservation. Also included are language-related work sessions for our Community Interpreters and Storybook Project.

ESL Track

Tue/Thu @ 11 AM or 6:30 PM

Our ESL Track provides interns with the opportunity to use their language in a classroom environment. Interns will participate as assistant breakout instructors and interpreters. They will also be encouraged to advertise our classes to members of their own communities. Opportunities exist for participation in Tuesday/Thursdays classes during the morning and/or evening

ESL classes have started again for the Fall. We are seeing an increasing number of Cuban men and women showing up at the PLACE for class.

Languages in Focus

Our Language Internship program focuses on minority languages with local populations. Specifically, we are looking for fluent speakers of the following languages. Speakers of other languages are welcome to apply, but priority will be given to these locally relevant minority languages.

Burmese, Chin, Dari, Haitian Creole, Karen, K'iche', Kinyamulenge, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Maay Maay, Oromo, Pashto, Somali, Swahili.

Weekly Schedule

Beginning August 7

Weekly responsibilities include a Wednesday morning class at 9 AM, and at least two times per week in the Linguistics Track, ESL Track, or both. Those in the ESL Track can choose mornings and/or evenings.

Language Internship Weekly Schedule

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