Teacher Training

The Refugee Language Project serves the Amarillo community by offering trainings for ESL programs and ministries, as well as offering coaching sessions with individual ESL teachers.

Please let us know if you would like Ryan to offer any training or coaching sessions with your teachers.

Group Training

We offer customized training sessions for ESL programs in our region. Let's discuss your unique challenges and schedule a training session that meets your particular ministry needs.

Improve your staff's ability to plan effective lessons, ensuring that students are learning and returning each week.

Classroom Management

Student-centered instruction, speaking techniques, & error correction.

Lesson Staging

Setting context, offering instructions, pairchecks, feedback, & scaffolding lessons.

Lesson Frameworks

Outlines for teaching receptive skills, productive skills, & language systems


Linguistic domains (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax) & language interferences

Individual Observation & Coaching

We offer individualized coaching sessions to identify your weaknesses and build on your strengths. Let Ryan come and observe your teaching style. He'll prepare an evaluation sheet and then review it with you. This will be a time of encouragement, and not a negative critique!

Let Ryan come alongside to support you and build your confidence. If this makes you nervous, talk to him by phone or in person to discuss the challenges you are experiencing.


Get observed in order to discover your strengths & identify areas for improvement.


Meet to learn about your unique strengths & weaknesses. Get encouragement!

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