Amarillo boasts a large number of ESL programs that serve the refugee population. In fact, we have at least 17 different organizations offering English classes—and many of these offer multiple classes every week.

It is clear that everyone would benefit from some organization and coordination of efforts. For example, some of the programs tend to advertise with the same populations, rather than diversifying their attention. We aim to address these problems through networking and dialogue.

One initial goal is the development of an Amarillo ESL Program Database. We also offer teacher trainings. Learn more here.

Benefits of Cooperation


Share what types of programs are offered. Do they offer childcare? Transportation? Literacy? Nights?

Better Retention

Enhance the strengths of each program so students are engaged & less likely to stop attending.

Training Collaboration

Collaborate with training opportunities so each program can share their own unique strengths.

More Volunteers

Get more help by producing simple avenues for involvement for interested volunteers.

Better Use of Resources

Much of this city's energy, time, and money are poured into refugees. Let's make it count.

Sharing Transportation

Get refugees there cheaper by reducing overlapping transportation costs & efforts.

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