Table Talk in Other Cities

This summer as we take a break from our local programs, we are celebrating the fact that hundreds of people around the country have come into contact with refugees for the first time as a result of our work. Not only has Table Talk run three times here in Amarillo, but it’s also taken place in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Dallas, Texas!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of participating with the Table Talk program that Fellowship Bible Church offered this semester in the Vickery Park neighborhood of Dallas. Each week they invited a different life group from their church to come and learn about refugees before meeting them and sharing a meal with them. I’m so excited about this, because it means that more people are getting the chance to learn from refugees. Yes, you heard that right. The blessing most often goes in that direction!

I am passionate about listening and learning from the different dialects of God’s creation. And so I’m excited when I see that our programs are increasingly giving others the opportunity to meet and value immigrants as fellow diners at the table—as equals. Join me in celebrating!

As the Fall semester approaches, we’ll share more about our growing vision for how to show kindness and grace to the refugees living locally in Amarillo, as well as how we’re working to support refugee service projects taking place across the nation.

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