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Note from Ryan

Hey everyone! I want to give you an important update about our financial situation, and then share some thoughts from my heart. Since launching this project in 2017, we have relied on Redeemer Christian Church to process all of our donations. Basically, Redeemer incubated our small nonprofit so that we could focus our energy on…

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Fear Not

Let not fear move us away from refugees. As I look out across my city and my nation, I see fear preventing people from doing good. Fear is such a powerful enemy in this fight. Fear blinds us from applying the Bible’s central tenet of love on a personal level with those who have been…

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Fundraising: Why is it needed?

If you’ve been following this journey, you might have asked yourself the following question: “If Ryan wants to help refugees, why doesn’t he just get a job and then serve in his off-time like everybody else?” It’s a good question, and one I have wrestled with for nearly a year. After all, I just spent…

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From One Language Project to Another

What I know for certain is that I will not end up on my deathbed regretting how I spent my time. I want my children to witness a life that is full of purposeful action, balanced with purposeful inaction. They’ll know that I am far more afraid of apathetic idleness than I am of failure.…

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