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Fear Not

Let not fear move us away from refugees. As I look out across my city and my nation, I see fear preventing people from doing good. Fear is such a powerful enemy in this fight. Fear blinds us from applying the Bible’s central tenet of love on a personal level with those who have been…

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Fundraising: Why is it needed?

If you’ve been following this journey, you might have asked yourself the following question: “If Ryan wants to help refugees, why doesn’t he just get a job and then serve in his off-time like everybody else?” It’s a good question, and one I have wrestled with for nearly a year. After all, I just spent…

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From One Language Project to Another

What I know for certain is that I will not end up on my deathbed regretting how I spent my time. I want my children to witness a life that is full of purposeful action, balanced with purposeful inaction. They’ll know that I am far more afraid of apathetic idleness than I am of failure.…

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