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Giving Season is here!

SAVE THE DATE! The Panhandle Gives is almost here, so mark your calendars for November 21-29 and follow us on social media for a chance to win some prizes during the campaign! Last year, the money raised during those nine days accounted for 32% of our total donations for the year. We cannot stress enough the…

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What’s the Objective?

bullseye diagram for plotting relationships

Do you remember last month when we wrote about Wide and Narrow Windows? If you missed that article, go take a quick read. In thinking about the unknown windows of time we have with refugees, our team has been reflecting on who is already in our sphere, and how can we be strategic in the…

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Wide and Narrow Windows

This Saturday Jen will wave goodbye to her best friend Seng as she moves to Iowa. Seng and her family are Kachin people from Myanmar, resettled to Amarillo in 2011. Seng and Jen met in 2017 at RLP’s initial run of Table Talk at Margaret Wills Elementary School (pictured above). What started as an awkward,…

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You are invited

American girl participates in Karen Wrist Tying

The Karen Community of Amarillo (KCA) invites you to attend the 72nd Karen National Marty’s Day Celebration and Traditional Karen Wrist Tying Ceremony on August 13th & 14th at 1001 N. Eastern St. There will be a men’s soccer tournament and women’s volleyball tournament, as well as Karen traditional sports. At Home on the Kyer Ya Klo,…

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World Refugee Day in Amarillo

We were honored to celebrate World Refugee Day a couple of weeks ago. RLP, along with The PLACE, Amarillo Police Department, Amarillo Symphony, Catholic Charities, RST, and many other groups came out to Eastridge to join in the festivities honoring Amarillo’s numerous refugee communities. There were singing groups, dancers, face painting, horse riding, soccer, bouncy houses…

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So far in 2022…

We just sent out our bi-annual newsletter by post! We use these physical newsletters to provide a broader picture of our development and impact. If you didn’t receive a newsletter in your mailbox, you can click the button below to read a digital version online. This edition also includes a special letter from our Executive…

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Plug and Play at The PLACE

How do you cultivate community? It’s a question we have been asking a lot over the past two years. It is a key part of our identity as an organization. We’ve tried (and failed at) many different approaches.

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You too??

We would be lying if we we said we haven’t faced discouragement in looking at how much more disconnected we are with refugee communities than we were pre-pandemic. Those once-thriving relationships are in need of another round of hard work and time spent listening.

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Wrestling with the Silence

Last month, we saw decreasing participation as Ramadan pulled our new Afghan friends away from the PLACE. The fasts and feasts of Ramadan made it a struggle for them to have the time and energy to attend classes and potluck dinners. However, the April silence has brought to light the reality that we have not yet successfully learned to draw in many other ethnic communities. As we’ve wrestled with and thought critically about the last year, we realize that we are still facing the consequences of the separation that COVID-19 brought into our lives. We have lost touch with so many of our friends!

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Ramadan Mubarak

Many of the refugees that we interact with regularly are Muslims. For those friends, a very important month has just begun – Ramadan! Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims centered around fasting, charitable giving, self-reflection and prayer. For those 29 or 30 days (depending on the lunar calendar), Muslims fast from all food and drink (yes, even…

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