RLP Updates

Back from the Drawing Board

We’ve spent the last several months refining our strategic vision, and we’re putting into action some new ways of connecting displaced people with friendly faces in our community. This e-newsletter has 3 videos you can watch that detail ways to get involved! First up is our Executive Director, Dr. Ryan Pennington sharing our updated vision and mission……

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We 💙 our RLP family!

RLP has shifted and flexed over the years as we’ve listened, learned and responded to the needs in our community, but our heart has always remained the same – using language as a doorway to welcome displaced people for the flourishing of the community and the glory of God. So many of you have been…

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The Panhandle Gives – WOW!

Thank you, friends, for those of you who took the time to give during The Panhandle Gives campaign! Our goal was $30,000 and we raised 117% of that goal! Amplification funds are still being totaled, but that will be additional cash that we wouldn’t have gotten had you not so generously given over those 9 days. If…

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Language is a Doorway

In the poem Gate A-4 by Naomi Shihab Nye, we read the beautiful story of a woman who uses language and human connection to clear away the fog of miscommunication and isolation. Go read it. What happens after the cloud is shooed away? Beauty unfolds. People connect, and relationships, food and joy are shared by strangers. The…

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The Next Chapter

Recently, we started a book club with some of our ESL students using a fantastic book from Gemma Literacy that we learned about at the Literacy Texas conference. We have a small group of women that meet each Wednesday for tea and coffee, and read the next chapter of a book together to improve their English skills. Our first book…

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The Final Countdown

It’s time for the Roundtable! Come learn with us. We also want to see you on the frisbee field on Saturday nights at 7.

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Gathering Our People – July 2023

July is here, and that means that next month our Regional Refugee Roundtable is happening! Wait a second, this isn’t just a regular conference with polished speakers and professional puffery. This is a gathering of people, OUR people, to connect, learn and grow together in the work of seeing refugees flourish. Have you ever met a…

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Mid-year report & RLP T-shirts!

June 2023 MailChimp Header

It’s June! That means our print newsletter is on its way to your mailbox right now. In fact, you might already have one in hand. Take some time to read through it as there are some exciting bits inside, including: A letter from our Executive Director, New refugee resettlement numbers, A link to buy our brand new RLP T-shirts, Information about a conference we…

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