A Common Purpose

You already know all about our weekly literacy class, right? We are helping women who have never had the opportunity to receive personal instruction before. What’s particularly unique about our program is that each student is paired with a personal tutor. Over the course of the semester, the tutor builds a relationship with the student, offering personalized instruction, encouragement, and friendship. We learn names, we share numbers, we hug, we laugh, we visit homes. This is so much more than a classroom.

One thing that we are really excited about is the diversity of our volunteers. In our world, it is increasingly rare for people from different spheres to come together for a common purpose. Yet we have high schoolers serving alongside young mothers and retired schoolteachers. We have sororities and Bible Study groups taking turns watching kids so their mothers can learn. We have members from multiple local churches and denominations sitting side-by-side, putting differences aside for the shared goal of blessing the refugees who live in our city. This is an extraordinary feat!

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