Refugee Leader Interviews

Our Panhandle Refugee Celebration was an incredible success! It aired on Panhandle PBS, as well as on Facebook Live. By our count, this video has been viewed over 11,000 times on Facebook alone! You can see the full-length video special by clicking the button below:

The highlight of the celebration was four interviews with refugee leaders. We encourage you to take some time and watch the full-length (~10 min) interviews on our YouTube page! These videos are thoughtful, educational, and inspirational. You won’t be the same after watching.

Start with Omar’s interview. It’s fascinating! Learn about the entrepreneurial spirit of Somalis worldwide, about the challenges of starting businesses as an immigrant, and so much more. You’ll even learn a Somali proverb about leadership!

Once you’re finished with that interview, then listen to Diana. You’ll hear about what gives her the strength to overcome a very difficult past. She never went to school, yet her three children have graduated from universities around the country! What a success story she is. And look at her wonderful smile.

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