Register for the Big Event!

Get ready for something big! You are invited to attend the Amarillo Refugee State of the Union at 7 PM on January 12th.

You’re going to love this! Our 90-minute Zoom Webinar will be filled with the results of our years of research into the refugee communities of Amarillo, Texas. You’ll be equipped with the big picture of the refugees who now call Amarillo home, and you’ll be the first to know our recommendations for the city and local partners. You’ll finally know who are the refugees who live here, how local organizations are serving them, and what needs to change in 2021. Finally, you’ll have a chance to have your questions answered, and you’ll learn about some opportunities for involvement over the next year. We’ll also advertise some focused follow-up meetings where we’ll debrief with specific refugee community leaders.

If you’re local, this is your chance to see and understand the big picture. Won’t it feel good to actually be informed? If you’re not local, you’re still welcome to join me! Maybe you’ve been supporting me for the past three years and want to see the results. Or maybe you work with refugees in another city, and you’re dreaming about how to connect the dots in your own context. Everyone is welcome, and the event is absolutely free.

Click the button below to register and secure your spot.

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