Youth Mentorship

When we met with various African communities last October, one recurring theme was their lack of representation in our city. One person said, “We need a representative for our community to the city of Amarillo.” And it was clear that their hope rests on their children, who they believe will rise up as leaders and successfully bridge between their communities and the wider Amarillo city. We’ve been wondering how we can facilitate a stronger push to empower refugee youth. Thanks to Catholic Charities, we’ve found a way forward! This month we began partnering with Catholic Charities to offer a brand new Youth Mentorship program!

We’re meeting every two weeks to train our mentors in cultural principles and relationship-building techniques, as well as to identify needs we can meet for each of the young mentees. Stay tuned as we encourage, equip, and empower the next generation!

Do you know what we love most about this? Our friends Dr. Salad and Samuel are helping to lead the charge. Last year, these two guys were our mentees. Now, they’re mentors. They’re trainers. They’re leaders! We’re ecstatic that our Face to Face program is converting mentees into community leaders.

Read more about Samuel’s amazing development—from mentee to mentor—in our upcoming annual newsletter. If you haven’t done so yet, please click the link below to add your address to our database.

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