Amarillo Refugee State of the Union next week

One week from today, I will present to you the first-ever Amarillo Refugee State of the Union. This is your chance to learn all about Amarillo’s refugees in a comprehensive and empowering way. My goal is to inspire you to think differently about what’s possible, and then for you to join us as part of creative solutions! Here’s an outline of what to expect from this Zoom Webinar:

  1. The Refugees of Amarillo—The nationalities, ethnicities, and communities who call Amarillo home.
  2. What We’re Already Doing—The local organizations and programs serving Amarillo’s refugees.
  3. What They’re Saying—The results of four refugee community dialogues.
  4. Our Recommendations—For organizations, churches, community institutions, and interested individuals.
  5. Q&A

It’s illuminating to compare what we’re already doing, with what refugee communities actually expressed as their needs. Hint: We’re all doing the same few activities to serve the same groups, and many others are falling through the cracks!

Log in on January 12 to dream with me about a better future. Everyone is welcome, including community partners, volunteers, and friends near and far. The presentation will last an hour, followed by some time for questions. Learn a bit more from Ryan’s interview on the front page of yesterday’s news.

If you haven’t yet registered, click the button below.

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