State of the Union Summary

Our Amarillo Refugee State of the Union was a huge success! Hundreds tuned in to learn about current refugee statistics, what local organizations are doing to serve them, and what refugee communities have expressed as their biggest needs. The highlight was a series of charts from our refugee community dialogues last year, and a series of 7 recommendations for the city and local partners.

The full video is available below, but we understand that you might not have time to watch it. In that case, please take 10 minutes to digest the following summary of our most important findings. Click to open the full infographic.

The video provides the fuller context and discussion, photographs, important statistics, and charts which bring these findings to life.

You can find that video below. You’ll also find a link to the infographic file to share, as well as a current list of local resources, organizations, and volunteer opportunities.

The State of the Union was well-received, and even made the front page of the Amarillo newspaper twice in one week! Here’s how they covered the event:

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