RLP is Growing: New Staff!

Hey, do you want an opportunity to celebrate? We are excited to announce that our team is growing! Thanks to your ongoing monthly support, we have been able to hire four part-time staff to expand our efforts to serve the refugee communities of Amarillo. Please join us in welcoming, from left-to-right, our new team members: Elizabeth Waters (Literacy Program Coordinator), Mandi Garcia (Community Programs Coordinator), Jennifer Freeze (Mentorship Coordinator), and Emily Cooper (Literacy Trainer).

The pandemic has been a challenging time for RLP. It’s been discouraging not to offer programs, such as Table Talk, that previously developed deep connections in our city. And at a time when those connections would have been especially helpful! Yet in the absence of those programs, we have been able to refocus and retool with a team of people who are looking to creatively serve the refugees of this city. We believe we’ve been good stewards of this difficult time, and we will come out of this season in a position of strength. We have a vision for a better future, and we’re pressing forward together! Thank you for walking with us!

Need $15,000 for New Office

We have now outgrown our office at Redeemer Christian Church. We are grateful to Redeemer’s staff, board of elders, and congregation for their abundant support over these past four years. They generously incubated our organization to help us grow our own legs. Everything we’ve been able to accomplish is due in large part to their sacrificial love. Thank you!

As we were looking for office space, Crossroads Church graciously came to our rescue by inviting us to move into their old youth building! What incredible provision for our small organization. However, we need your help to make this a reality!

Please consider making an extra donation to help us move in. We need $15,000 in order to make some renovations and invest in office furniture. This is a relatively small amount, considering that the end result is a rent-free office that will allow our team to more effectively serve our city’s refugee communities. Would you consider making a one-time donation today?

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