Pray With Us

Many of you have been asking how you can pray for us. You, like us, recognize that the battles we face are not primarily against people, but against spiritual enemies (Ephesians 6). We wage war in the spirit in order to walk in peace on earth. We often remark that we don’t pray about the work. Rather, prayer is the primary work. However, we do recognize that some of you do not see the world in terms of spiritual battles like we do. This is not a requirement for involvement with RLP’s mission of removing language barriers, building leaders, and cultivating community among refugees. We invite participation in our programs from people of all faiths! This is one reason we tend to keep comments about spiritual things out of our newsletters and social media posts. However, we do want to enable you to partner with us in prayer if you wish.

For those of you who pray, we invite you to join our new prayer team! When you commit to pray for our work among refugees every month, then we will commit to share specific requests with you regularly. Please pick a day of the month, add it to your calendar, and send Emily an email to let her know the day you’ll be praying. Our goal is to have 10 people committed to praying every day of the month—that’s 300 people engaged in prayer for the refugees of Amarillo and RLP’s role in serving them. Thank you!

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