Thaw’s Art in the News

In last month’s newsletter we shared about Thaw Klaw’s art. We were pleased to facilitate an interview with him for a feature in Amarillo Magazine. We are eager to celebrate strong leaders from refugee backgrounds! If you’re a subscriber, click here to read the article.

For those of you who can’t access the story, here are a couple quotes:

It’s been exciting watching him develop into the most recent president of their board,” Pennington said. “This man has overcome a lot to be where he is. Just the very fact that he is the president of a board having never attended school and that he’s got young kids at home, working at a meatpacking plant. He’s taking GED classes. It’s just a really awesome thing … What makes him a leader is that he is present. He is always just doing what people need. He is always helping solve daily problems for a very large Karen community here in Amarillo.

Through his work with the Karen Community, Klaw said he just wants to help people, trying to be the best leader he can be. “They see me so (I realized) that I could do something for people,” Klaw said. “Do something for our community. So that’s why they chose me to become one of the community leaders.”

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