Training for Trauma

We have long dreamed of a way to be more trauma-informed in the way that we work with refugee communities. Finally we have found a way to address this important need in Amarillo! We will be partnering with the Trauma Healing Institute to develop a local trauma healing program. This will enable people just like you to offer informal healing groups in our community—to friends, neighbors, community groups, and eventually to refugees! In fact, we have several local refugee leaders already registered! Just yesterday, our dear friend Serges, from Burundi, explained that it is past time to address the deep wounds that people in the African community are facing as they seek to succeed here. Our long-term goal is that small healing groups will be replicating among various refugee communities in their own languages.

Does this training interest you? Our space is limited, so we likely only have room for 2–3 more people. It starts on the evening of June 10, and runs all day June 11–12. If you’d like to know more, click here to email Jen Freeze.

Our budget for this training will exceed $3,000. Would you consider sponsoring part of it? We believe it will enable our mentorship program to address refugee trauma in culturally-sensitive, God-honoring ways. We hadn’t budgeted for it, so we need to come up with the funds separately. If you do donate for this, please send us an email so we know that it’s for the trauma program.

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