Get Involved This Summer

Now that we’re settled into our office, we’re enrolling refugees at a pace we’ve never seen! Refugees around our city are eager to jump back into classrooms and mentorships. Would you consider getting involved in some way over the summer? Learn more below.

We have a new literacy class beginning June 15 that will meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 11 AM. We need more tutors to join the team, as well as some people to help watch kids so parents can focus.

One of the things that makes our organization unique is our focus on developing meaningful relationships. This means that even when interested students can’t attend our structured classes, we still enroll them in the literacy class from a distance! That provides yet another opportunity for you to be involved—as an informal literacy tutor.

Are you interested in meeting a refugee 1-on-1 to help them walk through our literacy curriculum. We have all the training and resources you’ll need. We have a line of refugees out the door waiting for you to share some time with them! Some of these friends just want to connect with someone to practice speaking and to learn about our culture!

Join our Face to Face program as a mentor to connect informally to help a refugee meet their goals. This is a great way to expose your children to other cultures over the summer.

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