Literacy & mentorship volunteers

Our new office location has made us incredibly visible. This has led to an incredible amount of growth in the last month! While this is SO exciting, it also means that we need to grow our team of volunteers. We lost touch with many people during the pandemic’s forced hiatus, so now we are looking once again for literacy teachers for our twice-weekly morning literacy class. We’re also looking for people to help watch the little kids so their mothers can focus. Finally, we still want to serve those who can’t attend our structured class. This means we’re looking for volunteers to become 1-on-1 mentors as well. We have a long line of refugees eager to practice their spoken English, learn about our culture, study for upcoming citizenship exams, or work through our literacy curriculum.

Please pray that we find new volunteers to serve in each of these roles. The thing is—we’re not a volunteer-focused organization! We exist to bring shalom to refugee communities by equipping them as leaders and removing the barriers that keep them from success. This means we aren’t on the hunt for volunteers seeking to tick a box. We’re especially looking for people who want to invest deeply in a single friendship. These people become our primary way of reaching out into each refugee community. They’re not volunteers. Instead, they quickly become part of the very fabric of our ethos. They help us build a deep network of relationships spreading out through each community.

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