Serges needs a car

We have focused a lot of our energy recently on Serges, a Burundian leader here in Amarillo. Ryan is helping Serges to grow his own interpreting business, making important connections, invoicing customers on Serges’ behalf, and even connecting him with good interpreters from various refugee communities. At the same time, we have recently enrolled Serges’ wife, Diana, into our 1-on-1 literacy program with Becky as her mentor. Diana hopes one day to develop a cleaning service so she can leave her difficult job at a meatpacking plant.

Last week, Serges got in a car accident and totaled his vehicle. Thankfully, he and two of his children who were in the vehicle are doing fine. We’d like to meet a key need of this important community leader. We’d like to help provide him with a vehicle that seats 7, so his entire family can fit in his car at once. Would you be willing to help meet this need? We’re not raising donations for this, but we’re hoping to enable God’s Church to act. If you feel led to contribute in some way, will you step forward and let us know? Maybe you have a van or SUV that you were planning on selling? Serges is happy to buy a vehicle, but we hope to prevent him from having to empty his savings for this urgent need.

Let us also say that Serges is very proud of the fact that he provides for his family. He is NOT looking for a handout. In fact, it took us awhile to convince him to let us share this with you at all. He works hard and doesn’t want anyone to see him as an object of charity. This is why we chose not to share this need on Facebook. Instead, we hope that someone may provide exactly what he needs at just the right time. Is that you?

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