We have been praying lately for the opportunity to impact more men in our mentorship program. We’re excited to report that this week we are connecting a new volunteer with a Karen man named Rainbow Gold. What a great name!! Rainbow is the pastor of the largest Karen congregation of Amarillo, which meets at First Baptist Church. We have long sought a way to encourage him and support him so he can be a more effective advocate for the people he serves. Please pray for Eric as he meets Rainbow this week, that he can discern how best to connect and meet Rainbow’s unique needs. One thing we’re particularly excited about is that Eric has experience equipping pastors in other countries. Pray that he can connect over this with Rainbow, and maybe there will be a way to use those gifts in a unique way right here in Amarillo!

Finally, pray for more opportunities like this, where we catalyze meaningful relationships among refugee men in Amarillo.

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