Lah Twe, 13 year old Burmese boy who needs encouragement

We are mentoring a woman named Thin, a single mom from Myanmar. Now that school has resumed, her 7th grade son, Lah Twe, should be back in school. Unfortunately, she works A shift at a local meatpacking plant, leaving her son to get to school on his own. In this first week of school, he has chosen to just stay home on more than one occasion. He’s struggling with loneliness, and we’re not aware of any role models in his life who could encourage him. There is only so much that we are equipped to do. Pray for wisdom about how to respond, and even for a good male role model for Lah Twe. Thin is a Buddhist, so she is disconnected from the church-based support networks that exist here in Amarillo. Pray for blessings on Lah Twe, and that he will be encouraged to pursue the educational opportunities that are in front of him!

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