From Afghanistan to Amarillo: How Can We Help?

We have all been flooded by heartbreaking images of Afghans fighting for spots on planes leaving Kabul. And many of you have reached out to us asking, “What can we do? How can we help?”

Join us at 7 PM on Monday, August 30th to learn about how the Afghan refugee crisis might be impacting Amarillo in the near future. You’ll hear from the directors of both local resettlement agencies, and you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a local Afghan family speaking about their own experience moving to Amarillo. We’ll conclude with a brainstorming session and some time for prayer.

Our goal is to get you the facts about what is already happening and by whom, and then to help you come alongside those organizations to offer meaningful help. Finally, we hope that this informal dialogue will inspire some of you to brainstorm about unique ways that you can fill in the gaps. This meeting will be aimed especially at local churches, but anyone is welcome to participate.

Be aware that this situation is in constant flux. The deadline for evacuations is the day after this meeting, and we will be updating numbers, recommendations, and requests in the coming days. This is a first step toward mobilizing our city so we’re ready if and when the time comes to be used by God to help Afghan people flourish again.

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