Literacy Class Students

Please pray by name for the following literacy students that we minister in our literacy class twice each week, or in one-on-one mentorships:

Fatima Abdi, Elham Ahnood, Hamdi Mohammed, Idil Nur, Lula Abdi, Ridiya Sindayihebura, Naw Win Win, Unity Ba, Abai Ibrahim, Amal Farah, Jackline Makuach, Faiza Mohammed, Antoinette Niyokwizera, Diana Hakizimana, Eh Eh, Germaine Mbumba, Jisty Tway, Lay Wah, Ler Wah, Mang San, and Yousef Hussein.

These Somali, Eritrean, Karen, Burmese, Congolese, Burundian, and Tanzanian women have found their way into our classroom and our hearts. We are working to build deeper relationships with each of them. We’re also trying our best to connect each of them with personal friends who can walk with them as they strive to meet other goals. For example, one woman from Tanzania is eager to start her own sewing business. Back in Africa, she grew a small business until she had 21 employees. Now she’d like to do the same thing! We’re praying for an entrepreneurial family who can help her navigate these waters. What a deep multi-generational way to impact a family, and the broader community through them!

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