Tools We All Have

Saturday night was our first Bridge Dinner of the semester. We invited Serges Hakizimana and his delightful family to our home for a potluck meal and a chance to talk together. The evening was spent listening to Serges and his wife Diana share about many different experiences in their lives and the trials they have faced after coming to the US from Burundi. Serges is a kind and loving husband and an attentive father to his 5 children. He is passionate about helping those in his community and equipping others to flourish in a new place. It was so easy to sit down with him and listen to his passions, dreams and learned wisdom. Our conversation went late into the night, snacking on peanuts near the fire while our children played together. Food and conversation are tools we all have that allow us to connect. Are you willing to sit down over a meal and listen? We’d love to let you experience this gift with a local refugee family. It might mean sacrificing something else you normally do on a weeknight, but we know you won’t regret it. Sign up by emailing Mandi here.

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