The PLACE – Opening in January!

Front view and floor plan of The PLACE on Plains

We recently signed a lease and are doing construction in a second space near apartments where Afghans are being settled. Because there are few resources and limited assistance available due to the quickly-moving crisis, we are raising funds and making plans for a small community center that will have classrooms, offices, a computer lab, international television programming and casual meeting spaces. Our dream is a bit of a plug-and-play approach – ESL programs across the city slotting themselves in to teach classes throughout the week, volunteers running life-skills workshops, and groups showing up to be available for English practice and cross-cultural connections. It’s a group effort, and we are partnering with two other local non-profits – Square Mile Community Development and We Find In Love. The plan is to open in January and connect refugees from Afghanistan and elsewhere into local relationships through this neutral meeting space. Keep an eye on your email inbox and social media feeds for how to jump in after the New Year. 

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