Our Cup of Tea

Persian tea in pots

Rosebuds, cardamom, and cloves sit open on the countertop while water begins to boil in the kettle. The door chimes happily as yet another group of Afghan men walk in wanting to get on the WiFi to connect with family back home. Emma and Sara from WeFindInLove greet them and show them the computer lab they have installed across the room. Betty comes bustling around the corner, materials in hand, ready to teach an impromptu English lesson for the fourth time that week. Mandi and Donna walk carefully to the classroom, hot mugs of tea in hand for the Somali women and new Afghan family who have come for Emily’s Literacy class. “Sugar?” “Yes, please.”

Jen Welch walks around the corner and the children who have come with their moms to class eagerly follow their familiar friend back to the kids’ area for playtime. BBC news plays on the TV as Brady works on assembling the cafe tables for a separate seating area by the kitchen. The paint on the walls that Square Mile finished last week adds a splash of much-needed color to the space. Amidst all the activity, Ryan and Jennifer talk about new mentorships that just started and Crystal tries to capture all of this in a single, inadequate picture. It’s a scene that played out multiple times last week, bringing tears to our eyes.

Brady gets the cafe area ready
Activity happening at The PLACE community center
The PLACE in action

This is our cup of tea. This is what we’ve dreamed about, tried to imagine and cast vision for over the past few years – a space where connection, community, collaboration, and culture come together. The PLACE for Language, Art, Culture and Economic growth is now a reality, and we are all a bit awestruck by how a million details have come together in the last month thanks to our partnership with these organizations and a fabulous community supporting each step.

Do you want to come and see? Mark your calendars for our Open House on February 11th from 4-7 at 3107 Plains Blvd., Ste 500. It’s a come and go event, so stop by for a tour, grab some refreshments, and celebrate with us before you head to your Friday night plans!

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