Will you pray for our team, that we will focus on what we’re uniquely gifted to accomplish? With our recent stratospheric growth & subsequent publicity, it’s become too easy to say Yes to new opportunities. Here are some things we’re trying out at the moment:

  • Our “Somali women’s literacy class” has ballooned to over 20 students, including multiple ethnic groups, and both men and women.
  • A Wednesday class begins this week, taught by our new Afghan Language Assistant Zabi.
  • We’ve expanded our community center hours, now remaining open until 8 PM on weeknights. Currently, it’s mostly just serving young Afghan boys who are coming to play video games and use the Internet.
  • We’ve hired a Storybook Assistant named Tamana, a young Public Relations degree from Afghanistan.

We need to remember that we are not, at our core, an English CLASS. Our focus is uniquely relational, enabling us to keep class sizes small and to hand students off into mentorships. Our Face to Face program, which is the heart of our work, has ballooned to 50 active mentorships. Pray that we will be faithful to our calling, and not try to grow into areas where we will not be well-suited.

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