June Prayer Update

Thank you for serving our vision by joining us in prayer. You’re a crucial part of our team!

This month we are focused on building new opportunities to pray and have spiritual conversations together at the PLACE. For that reason, we are raising $1,500 to allow us to turn our server room into a prayer room. We plan to put in some comfortable furniture, a list of prayer requests, and daily Scripture readings to allow us to connect with God more tangibly from day-to-day. We’ll build a calendar of prayer times throughout the week when our staff can meet—even inviting the broader community (including you who are reading this!) to join us in prayer. We hope this will give us more opportunities to show that we are spiritual people and to have spiritual conversations as we seek to remain connected to the Vine (John 15).

Please pray for donations to cover this expense. Please also pray that we will be careful about how we represent this space. We don’t want to offend people who don’t share our faith, but we do want to invite anyone who’s interested to pursue spiritual conversations in a private space. And quite apart from inviting others, the RLP team wants to gather as a team to pray for one another as we face daily burdens and challenges! Thanks for praying for us as we seek to pray more together in our work!

Before we let you go, here are some answers to your prayers from each month of this year! Be encouraged, brothers and sisters, that God hears and answers our prayers!

  • In January, we asked you to pray for the Mohammadi family, who lost their son in a tragic hit-and-run accident late last year. We have poured into this family in too many ways to count—including building new resumes, helping them find jobs, and hugging them as they continue to mourn. We have loved on this family uniquely well from all members of our team. We pray that it impacts them and draws them closer to the heart of God, who says that he is with us when we suffer.
  • In February, we sent you a prayer list for each room of the PLACE. Many of these prayers have been answered as we have welcomed hundreds of people into community through our classes, kitchen, and community meals. The RLP staff has benefited so much from being accessible to refugee communities!
  • In March, we asked you to pray for new church partners. We have recently begun receiving monthly support from First Baptist Church—a direct answer to your prayers! We pray for still more connections among our area’s churches, as they learn about our heart for refugees.
  • In April, we asked you to pray for day-to-day operations help for Ryan. We have had several conversations in this regard, but no clear answer yet. Please continue to pray!
  • In May, we asked you to pray that we would creatively reconnect with refugee communities across our city. Just this past Sunday, Ryan spoke to a group of African churches. Next month, Ryan will do the same thing among a large group of Karen people. We continue to pray that these opportunities will bring about new impactful relationships.

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