New Developments

Film strip with different images

I may be dating myself here, but do you guys remember the tactile glory of film cameras? I loved loading that new roll into the back of the camera and hearing the click click of the wheel as it advanced the film. You chose your shots carefully, knowing you had a limited number of pictures to take. You hoped that what you saw through the viewfinder would end up looking good in print. Some shots you knew were good ones, and others you weren’t quite sure. Once you ran out of film and wound it all back up, you had to wait until the film was developed to see what you got. At the lab, the film was developed into negatives before being printed on photo paper. You could make out the pictures by holding the negatives up to the light, giving you a glimpse of the images you hope turned out the way you’d seen them in your mind.  

As we roll into the new year, we’ve got some things developing that we hope turn out (yes, all puns intended). Some shots are sure winners and others are experiments that we will have to wait to see how they look. Just like that finite roll of film, each year is only 12 months long, and we are a small team, so we must choose our shots carefully, mindful of our limitations, but willing to take risks. We are excited to see what turns out beautifully, what surprises us, and what needs tweaking or was a total bust.

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