Language is a Doorway

In the poem Gate A-4 by Naomi Shihab Nye, we read the beautiful story of a woman who uses language and human connection to clear away the fog of miscommunication and isolation. Go read it. What happens after the cloud is shooed away? Beauty unfolds. People connect, and relationships, food and joy are shared by strangers. The poet says “This is the world I want to live in. The shared world.” And to think that all of that lay behind the closed door of language. That’s the kind of world we are working towards here at RLP. We believe language is a doorway to many things – flourishing, welcome, hospitality. It’s why we treat language as both an asset and a barrier. It’s why we are working diligently on honoring the stories of displaced people in our city, like Samuel’s story, The Unbeatable Uwimana, which will be accompanied by the stunning collage art you see above. It’s what motivates us to pursue the flourishing of our whole community through welcoming displaced people, all for the glory of God. Will you help us use language as that doorway? 

The Panhandle Gives campaign is almost here – November 20-28

The Panhandle Gives is our largest fundraiser of the year, and is integral to our plans for 2024. While we are so grateful for financial partnerships and gifts throughout the whole year, these 9 days of giving in November make a huge difference for our organization. When you give to RLP through The Panhandle Gives campaign, we receive 100% of your donation PLUS a percentage of extra funds generously given through the Amarillo Area Foundation. 

Would you consider giving your year-end gift during those dates this year?

Giving online from November 20-28th is easy and safe, but checks are accepted as well! All checks must be made out to The Panhandle Gives, with our organization’s name in the memo line. Drop checks off at any local Amarillo National BankFirst Bank Southwest or Happy State Bank DURING the campaign. Crystal will be driving around collecting checks, so let her know if you want your check picked up too! If you need a reminder to give, email us to receive a reminder once the campaign starts.

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