Field Trip to AMOA

Thousand year old sandstone sculptures from Cambodia, color reduction woodcut and letterpress prints on handmade paper, wool rugs from Turkey, oil paintings and photographs from a collector…All of these artworks were on display at the Amarillo Museum of Art on Wednesday when we took a group of 7 students from our book club and ESL classes for a special tour. AMOA gave these women time to walk around and explore the exhibits and collections currently on display in the museum, where admission is, delightfully, always free. While our Director of Language services provided some interpreting, art is that beautiful language that doesn’t demand translation, so people were free to wonder, observe, and snap pictures of artwork they wanted to show their family later. We muddled through conversations in limited English about the art we saw, discussing everything from prejudice to being “between worlds” to current events and abstract art. Afterwards our students had the chance to create art themselves, participating in a watercolor activity while listening to music. While most of them don’t claim to be artists, there wasn’t a person in the room who didn’t enjoy throwing color on the page, and everyone left with a smile. We are thankful to AMOA for their hospitality and were grateful to connect with our students through art!

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