A Time to Celebrate

Email newsletter header picture of ESL class party

On Thursday, our ESL class celebrated the end of their semester with a party. Each student was presented with a certificate honoring the number of hours they had spent in class this Fall. The final certificate was presented to Lula (pictured above), who put in more hours than any other student. As Emily announced her name everyone cheered and clapped to celebrate her accomplishment. As 2022 draws to a close, we also are sending up a cheer for all that we have to celebrate about this past year:

  • We opened the PLACE in January and have seen over 4,500 people come through the doors since then. 
  • Our staff grew to a team of 8, with the newest hire coming on just a few weeks ago (you can meet John here!)
  • We produced 2 storybooks with 3 more in queue for 2023.
  • Over 3,000 hours were spent in mentorships across Amarillo, impacting the lives of hundreds of refugees in our city!

Please read our year-end newsletter that was just mailed out and celebrate with us all that came to pass in 2022! Click here to read a digital copy.

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